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Algarr Industry, Quality Religious Icons Trophies and Sculptures.

We can paint our existing products in the color that you want or we can make a unique product especially for you – one that will either blend or stand out in your interior.

Are you an interior decorator?Whether you’re a professional or not we believe that you are a creative person.

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Our Products

Cart Quality is never an accident. At ALGARR we are committed on producing top level religious icons, trophies and sculptures that are made with the finest resin and durable concrete materials.

We take pride in details of our designs we cater from as small a penny and as big as a human life size form. Close your eyes and run your fingers through our items. Imbibe the moment and feel the texture. More than just beautifully hand painted but also carefully sculpted.

Our Company

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Team  ALGARR  is composed of people from different backgrounds who are united in one goal of making the customer happy and proud of owning an ALGARR product.

Since 1999, we have been improving the quality of our products and introducing new colors and designs to give customers a wide variety of choices

Our Services

Tools We make personalized sculptures for any occasion. We customize the colors and packaging of our products. We cater to the needs of interior decorators. We accept repainting and restoration of religious icons made of resin and concrete materials.