Holy Family With Grandparents

The Holy Parents of The Blessed Virgin Mary & Grand parents of our Lord Jesus Christ – they should be thought of as our Spiritual Grandparents.  During their married life together, they were thought to be barren, which was a great shame, and they suffered greatly from this.  They were not poor, but they gave one third of their wealth to the Temple, one third to the poor, and they kept only one third for their needs.  Saint Anne knew who Her Daughter was to become, and Saint Joachim found out shortly before he died.

They allowed their Holy Daughter to consecrate Herself and Her Most Holy Virginity to our Lord in the Temple, when She was only three years old.  The Blessed Virgin Mary remained a Virgin in the Temple until She was 14 years old.  Then, the Elders of the Temple decided that The Blessed Virgin Mary needed to leave the Temple and marry, to administer the property, which Her Holy Parents had left Her.  All of the eligible men of the Davidic Line in Jerusalem were brought together, and the Elders asked our Lord for a sign to show which one should marry The Blessed Virgin Mary.  St. Joseph’s dead walking staff blossomed into a lily, which showed that he was to marry The Blessed Virgin Mary.


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